Seven Good Books

I remember reading academic literature during my PGCE and finding it a waste of time.  However, I do remember being bought the book, ‘The Perfect Ofsted English Lesson’, and suddenly realising there were books that actually told you concrete, useful things that would help you help your students.  For about the last three years I’ve chosen books from Amazon that seemed good, and it’s been quite hit and miss.  The last few books I’ve read have all come from David Didau’s reading list and I’ve found them more useful.  If I could go back in time, I’d read these books, and spend a year as a TA, before starting teaching.


Classroom Behaviour – the best book on behaviour management I’ve read.  Better, in my opinion,than ‘Getting the Buggers to Behave’ (which I think is more popular’.  If pressed for time go here.

Dancing Around Architecture – very easy to read.  By Phil Beadle.

How To Teach – as above, also by Beadle.  The ‘Top Teacher Tips’ boxes are good.

The Behaviour Guru – a very good book on behaviour management. The system of sanctions I use in my classroom is based on what I read in this book

The Perfect Ofsted English Lesson – very useful.  The first book I read on teaching.  

Made to Stick – perhaps better, if pressed for time, to read this document instead, which is a summary of their ideas.

Pedagogy postcards: This is not a book, but a series of blog posts.  If you read nothing else on the net about teaching, read these.  


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