Interview Questions (From You, For Them)

Generally you focus in an interview on what you, the candidate, are going to be asked.  But you are also interviewing the school.  What if you get the job and you don’t have your own classroom, no-one cares if your kids are not showing up to detentions, and you have to submit your photocopying to reprographics 24hrs before you want it done?  Below is a list of questions you could ask at an interview. Feedback welcome, particularly if you think I’ve missed a crucial question.

  1. What’s your behaviour policy?
  2. What do you do if a student isn’t showing up to detentions?
  3. What sanction would you give for an undone top button/no homework/swearing at a teacher?
  4. What systems do you have in place to praise students?
  5. Do you have a projector/IWB in each classroom?
  6. Will I teach all KSs?
  7. What exam board do you teach?
  8. What years do you set in?
  9. How many sets do you have in each year group?
  10. Do all teachers teach to the same SOW?
  11. How prescriptive are the SOWs?
  12. How much extended writing do you expect students to do each lesson?
  13. How often do you expect books to be marked?
  14. Do you expect teachers to mark each piece of work?
  15. Do you have your own classroom?
  16. How often are you expected to teach split classes?
  17. How many photocopiers do you have?
  18. What is the format of the school day: when is break/lunch/reg/school end/ how long is one period?
  19. When do staff arrive and leave?
  20. How many meetings does the bog standard teacher have?  How often is each meeting? 
  21. How long has your HoD been with you?
  22. How long have they been HoD?

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