An Idea For Parent’s Evening

  1. Devote one lesson prior to Parent’s Evening to students writing their own reports on how they feel the year has gone.  They might go something like ‘I have done alright this year, even though I don’t really like where I sit in the class.  I was really badly behaved around the middle of the year, but that was because…’.  You could ask them: what was the best/worst moment in English?  What unit/term/text do you remember most clearly?  Is there a piece of work you did particularly well on?  Why? How does this year compare to last year?  Do you want next year to be different?  How?  Which teacher would you most like to have next year?
  2. They should also go back over all of their (hopefully marked) books from the year and add the comments and targets to the report.
  3. Photocopy the reports and give them to their parents at Parent’s Evening to take away.


  • Make sure you tell the students their reports will not be read out to the class at the end of the lesson.  Emphasise that they are private pieces of work.  This will get them to be honest.
  • They’ll need them to write their names at the top of the reports, so you can find them quickly during Parent’s Evening.
  • If you’re really organised, highlight their names once you’ve photocopied them all.
  • Three main advantages of this method are: you get to see how the student feels the year has gone/is going; they will know how well they are doing in some ways even better than you; they can spend a whole lesson on writing the report, which is far more time than you could ever devote to one student’s report.




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