Twenty Form Time Activities

I’m in my fourth year of teaching and these are the activities I like to do in form.  If there’s a good one you do, please comment at the bottom.

  1. Class discussion.  I recommend this book, which contains such gems as ‘Is a broken down car parked?’ and ‘Is there more future or more past?’
  2. Watch something on YouTube.  Preferably something educational.  Here’s a good channel. Or this one.
  3. Just a Minute. try and speak for a minute on a subject without hesitating, changing the subject, or repeating a word. Here’s an example.
  4. Dictionary Game.  Read out a random word from the dictionary the students don’t know (e.g., horripilate).  Everyone writes on a scrap of paper a fun definition of it (e.g., to kick a football so hard it arrives in the future).  The teachers reads out all the definitions at the end, twice.  Students vote for the definition they think is the most original.
  5. Write a letter one word at a time.  Student one: dear.  Student two: Michael.  Student one: Jordan.  Student two: I.  Student one: feel.  Student two: that.  Etc.  Vary by specifying beforehand who it is from and to, and what it’s about.
  6. Pictionary
  7. Hangman
  8.  This is a quiz site.  Name all the countries of Europe, fill in the periodic table, or list all of Shakespeare’s plays.
  9. Anagrams.
  10. Countdowneither with words or numbers.
  11. I went on a picnic and I brought… If you don’t know this game, you go around the room, each person listing different things they might take to a picnic.  It’s a memory test.  E.g.: student one: I went on a picnic and I brought a bathtub.  Student two: I went on a picnic and I brought a bathtub and a red pen because I had some marking to do.  Student three: I went on a picnic and I brought a bathtub and a red pen because I had some marking to do and the concept of justice.
  12. Charades
  13. Twenty questions.  The student thinks of a famous person.  The class have twenty questions to try and work out who they are.  The questions can only be yes/no questions.
  14. Secrets: get students to write down a secret on a post-it. Read them out one at a time. Students vote for who they think it was that wrote that secret. Reveal who it actually was afterwards.  Good for developing a good atmosphere in the form.
  15. Moments: students write on scraps of paper one interesting/funny/good thing that happened to them in the last day or week. Read out at the end of form time, then store.  Read out all the accumulated moments at the end of the year.
  16. Silent reading.
  17. Any of these games.  
  18. List musicians; start of next musician must be the last letter of previous player, so ElvisSusan BoyleEdith PiafFranz Ferdinand
  19. Dingbats
  20. Newsround

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