Books I’ve found useful

Bill Rogers, Classroom Behaviour.  The most useful book of the five or so I have read on behaviour management.

Phil Beadle, How To Teach.  I don’t think you can really explain how to teach in one book, but this book is very useful and Phil Beadle is very easy to read.

Phil Beadle, How to Teach Literacy.  Easy to read.  Lots of useful tips.

Jim Smith, The Lazy Teacher’s Handbook.  I actually think I’d disagree with a lot of the ideas in here now, but the central message – be efficient, because teachers are often overworked and don’t have enough money – is pretty key.

Benedict Carey, How We Learn.  Easy to read – written by a journalist.  Unlike a lot of the books on this list, could easily be read by non-teachers.  The title sort of says it all, and as such, it is something of a must-read for any teacher.

Daniel Willingham, Why Don’t Students Like School?.  A brilliant cognitive science book about the importance of knowledge.

Daisy Christodoulou, Seven Myths About Education,  Some quotes: ‘Direct instruction is succesful an pupils enjoy succeeding’, ‘In the wrong hands, any method can be boring’, ‘Long-term memory is not a bolted on part of the brain’s architecture.  It is instead integral to all our mental processes’.  An easy to read and persuasive argument for the importance of teaching knowledge in schools.